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Signature Gold

Green Gold

While traditional 18k gold contains alloys like copper and nickel, the 18k “green” gold we use is derived from 75% pure gold and 25% silver.  This gives the gold a subtle green cast and a much brighter look which beautifully complements most skin tones.  We also have special pieces created in 22K gold.

Eco-Friendly Gold

As a certified retailer of Harmony Metals, Faye Kim Designs participates in the global effort to preserve our planet’s future. We procure the majority of our gold from industry leader Hoover and Strong.  All Harmony recycled precious metals at Hoover & Strong including gold, platinum, palladium and silver are 100% recycled. This minimizes the reliance on mining and the degradation it causes and is why we are proud to offer gold jewelry that is more eco-friendly. For further information about Harmony Metals, please click the following links.



Matte Finish

Faye Kim designs her collections with a matte finish which features surface texture rather than the usual buffed, shiny gold. With time and wear, our jewelry’s surface will burnish to a beautiful low sheen. The matte finish can always be reapplied if desired.

Custom Orders for Other Metals

If you find a design you love, but prefer using traditional yellow gold, white gold, platinum or perhaps a different colored stone, or a brighter finish, please know we are always happy to make special orders. Your satisfaction is our main concern.

Locally and Made in the USA

All our jewelry is made locally and in the USA and we are one of the few independent stores in Westport. Our jewelry is unique, original, and creative. That’s the vibe we want to share with Westport which historically has a more artsy and literary presence. We are pleased to make Westport our place of business.