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Simplicity, elegance and timeless design are the signature trademarks of Faye Kim’s jewelry collection.

Whether she is working on a new design or a private commission, Faye thrives in creating jewelry that is enduring and eminently wearable. She is known for her 18k “Green Gold pieces and granulation motif designs created in 22 karat gold.

An interest in period jewelry and antiquities inspires Faye’s designs which include intricate Romanesque cuffs, rings, and hand-woven gold necklaces. The blending of ancient techniques with modern methods creates distinct and versatile collections which continuously captivate her clients and are treasures to pass on for generations. Each piece tells a story and combines beautifully with others for a style that is classic and unique for the individual.

Faye began her career as a graduate of New York’s Gemological Institute of America and continued her training in New York City's jewelry district.  She worked as a pearl buyer at Tiffany & Company and then as the fine jewelry buyer for Bergdorf Goodman.

Following the birth of her third child, Faye moved from New York City to Connecticut and focused on raising her family. During those years, she remained connected to her craft by creating jewelry for private clients. As the children got older and her following increased, Faye took a leap of faith and opened a shop in Westport.

That was thirteen years ago. With perseverance, dedication, and hard work, the business has flourished and continues to expand.  The Faye Kim Designs boutique in downtown Westport has become a destination for those seeking original designs, skillful craftsmanship, and unrivaled customer service. Faye has built a loyal and passionate following and continues to evolve creatively.

Simply put, Faye Kim's alluring designs are distinctive, wearable, and stylish; a staple for women of discerning taste.