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Emeralds are all about color!

Emeralds are all about color!
To all the lucky ones born in May - keep this gorgeous birthstone all to yourself!  
Emeralds are the perfect gem for Spring & Summer! Their green shade and springtime vibrance remind us of renewal, growth, and new possibilities. 
Emeralds are sometime referred to as jardin, French for the word garden, since their inclusions often resemble springtime moss or foliage. 
Fun Fact:  Emeralds are said to cure people of poor health. It is also believed that the wearer of an Emerald will gain precognition and future visions!
Featured Below: one of our best selling hand wrapped chains with emerald beads and an emerald, cabochon ring that was reworked from our customer's heirloom piece.
Take your jewels out of the box and let us help you update your existing emerald jewelry!
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